Eye to Eye Logo Design

Eye to Eye is the official photographers of The Komets hockey team in Fort Wayne and they wanted a logo that was similar to their other logo so I created this Komets version. This is also one of the companies I work with for doing photography for the Fort Wayne High School Hockey Yearbooks. If you need a couple of talented photographers then check out their Eye 2 Eye Portraits Website. They also do Weddings, Senior Photos and other kind of events.

Zorya Scents Logo Design

This was for a school project where we had to create two scents and create a campaign for them. I created a product that was called, Zorya Scents which had two fragrances. Utro, which you wore during the day and Vecher, which you wore at night. If you are familiar with Slavic mythology then you would recognize that this is based off of the myth of the Auroras and that Utro means morning and Vecher means evening. The Auroras are the goddesses who represents the north star. That's the short version of my creative rationale for this design.