Press-Seal Corporation World of Concrete Booth Display

I designed this booth display for the World of Concrete show held in Las Vegas, California. This was the first year that Press-Seal was going to be at this show so I focused on a design that demonstrated their varies divisions and the services of those divisions. I also created sales sheets that correspond with each section.

We had a Mystery Customer stop by our booth and we passed with a very good grade! I however did learn a valuable lesson from this project while looking over the mystery customers feedback. The words are too low near the bottom and if I was to recreate this I would focus on having the words higher.

WIN (Wellness Inspired Network) Flyer

This was an internal project at Press-Seal and it's purpose was to get employees to sign up for the WIN program. WIN is a collaborated project with The University of Saint Francis (USF) and it's a program that allows for USF health students to come to Press-Seal and give an employee a series of workouts for 6-8 weeks. It's basically a training program for Personal Trainers in training.

Stacks of these flyers were distributed across the Press-Seal Facility where employees will pick one up and fill out the mini form on the back side. They were then instructed to give the forms to Press-Seal's HR Manager who then turn in all the forms to USF. We need 25 participates but ended up having 38!

Air Show Display Case

There was an Air Show in Fort Wayne my senior year of college at the Fort Wayne Airport. After the show the Airport contacted The University of Saint Francis (USF) and asked for each of the seniors to come up with a design for a display case. This became an assignment for us so we all created a design and submitted them to our professors. A few weeks later my Professor announced that the airport liked my and another students design and that we needed to combine our two designs. This is what we came up with and the last time I checked it was still in the airport.

Still N Action Sports Images Ads

I do a series of freelance projects for Still-N Action and this was the first project that I did for them. I came up with the slogan and the design which they continue to use for branding and marketing purposes. These designs were then used as a half page ad in a booklet and a large banner that was on display at the hockey games. This company is one of the photography companies that I work with on the high school hockey yearbooks. Check out their website if you are looking for some talented photographers for your next sporting event.

Angels In America Poster

For this project I was asked to create a design for Tony Kushner's play, Angels In America. I designed this poster my sophomore year and I like the composition even though I think the type could have been treated better. I don't have much to say about this project other than I like it and I hope you enjoy it!

Black Stag Brewery 3D Display Sign

Black Stag Brewery is a fictitious brewery that I created and this is the logo I created for the company. I then converted the logo into a large 3d sign that can be mounted to a wall (Photo coming soon). The story I created for this make up brewery is that it has been around for a long time and the owner wanted to update the logo. So this logo was my version of an old style made in the modern day. I eventually hope to make a website and whole branding for this brewery (Maybe start up the real company if I feel ambitious enough).