Fort Wayne High School Hockey Yearbook 2015 - 2016

I have been creating these yearbooks for the Fort Wayne High School Hockey Association (FWHSHA) for three years now. This season's was the first year that I became totally in charge of the whole booklet production because I accepted the Chair of Marketing position on the board. I really enjoyed this season's design and have included a preview of the front and back cover, a team page, and an example of an ad page (which has my personal ad and another ad I created on it). See A Low Res PDF

Fort Wayne High School Hockey Yearbook 2014 - 2015

This was the second season that I created the yearbook and I had to create a lot of ads for people who sponsored but didn't have an ad. This is a normal thing for me to have to do with this project but I remember having a lot for this season's yearbook. I included a preview of the front and back cover, and a example of what the team spreads look like. Each team spread have their own color schemes based on the school's colors (example the Fort Wayne Bruins are Orange and Brown). There are six different teams with six different color themes See A Low Res PDF

Fort Wayne High School Hockey Yearbook 2013 - 2014

This was the first season I did the hockey booklet and I got involved because someone I did freelance work for recommended me to the board for this project. I put a lot of hours into this project and I'm still learning a lot from it. I have included the front cover, front inside cover, and the centerfold for the preview. Parkview was our biggest sponsor that year and I really like the centerfold ad they sent us. Parkview was also streaming our games on their High School Cube so I had to create the front inside cover ad from what they sent to us for the centerfold ad.See A Low Res PDF

Tower Bank Annual Report

This booklet was a project I did for school. Our assignment was to take information from the previous year's annual report and create a new report for that year. The company we all chose was Tower Banks and I decided to go with imagery that is on the exterior of the building as my overall theme for the booklet. I really enjoyed this project and it was my first booklet I ever worked on (which is one of my favorite types of projects to work on). I have included two different spreads from the booklet so you can get an idea of what the overall booklet looks like. See A Low Res PDF

Do It Best Examples

I use to do some contract work through Vitamin T at Quad Graphics which is a onsite design and print firm located in Do It Best, Inc. headquarters in New Haven, Indiana. There, I work on tons of these "booklets" for all of Do It Best different locations. Do It Best had a neat program where small local shops could keep their own marketing and branding. So ever though your shop was a Do It Best shop you didn't have to look like you were part of corporate (even though you carry their products). So I included an example of a booklet that is a Do It Best shop but chose to keep their own branding.