Generation Why Survey

This survey was created for a senior project called, Generation Why. Each number has a letter associated with it and the survey determines if you mostly answered A, B, C, D or E.

Mario Strikers League Form

This form was created for a Mario Strikers League and the function of this form is to send the results of each game to the league's Statistician. The Statistician then records all the information from the games. The process before this form was to take screen shots of each game or write down every stat. This took up too much time so I made it my goal to make a process that was efficient as possible. Now, all the players have to do is fill out a simple form and the League's Statistician only has to copy two lines for each game from an email output.

A few more notes about this form: The form is fully responsive and works on all Browsers. The date is generated automatically so there is no need to fill in a date. The Characters at the bottom change every 10 minutes.

Preview the Form

Willow Creek Crossing Responsive

This was my first attempt at making a website that was fully responsive. This wasn't for a client or school but I wanted to experiment with responsive design and coding. I will have to say that I learned a lot at the time from this experiment and consider it my first step towards mastering creating websites for a multiple platform world. If you would like to check it out then please do so. Preview The Website

Bio 257 Mobile Concept

In college I took this bio field study class where we hiked through different parts of Indiana and learned how to identify the different plants and wildlife. Our final project was to create a project that was related to the class some how. So, I chose to create a concept for a web app that would help with identifying the plants and animals of Indiana. Unfortunately, this website is not responsive but I liked the idea, name, and the design of the logo. Preview The Website