EPCO Zero-Leak Gold Website

This project taught me how to convert an old website to a new well organize version. The company I created this website for had two divisions and this is their Zero-Leak Gold (ZLG) division's website that I created from the content of their old website.

The ZLG website is tailor more towards engineers so I focused on organizing this website so all the information is easily accessible with nothing being no more than two clicks away. Even though this website is for engineers I still created a design that would allow a novice to become familiar with the product because of the easily labeled sections and the widgets that guilds you through each section. Even from a maintenance standpoint this website is well organize and efficient. I created a structure using a combination of HTML and PHP that would allow me to make changes to the whole website while only modifying one or two documents.

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EPCO Marine Products Website

The structure of this website was already created but I came in and modify it to fit the client's specifications and to make my own changes that I thought would improve the overall usability of the website. These changes included consolidating sections and cleaning up the visual appearance of the website. I did this for a company that had two divisions and this was their Marine Products Division (refer to the project before this to see their ZLG Division).

I mentioned in the previous project that the ZLG website was designed more for engineers doing research. However, this website is focused more on selling products. If you click the next button below you can see the MotorMate e-commerce section of this website.

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MotorMate Ecommerce Website

This was another website that I created for EPCO and it's an e-commerce website that sells one of their products called, The MotorMate. The MotorMate is an unique product for EPCO because it's more of a consumer product and the company is use to a B to B approach to how they do business. With that said I had to create a process that will allow for the customer to come to the website and order the right MotorMate for their outboard motor. This was tricky because the product was made to fit several different motor types each having a different year model with different dimensions. Before I started designing this online store I created a flow chart of how I think the user would navigate through the store. The flow chart was on the lines of, If they have this model, What year, does the Center to Center measurement match. If those three questions were answered in that sequence then they have the right product.

After I created the design I then passed it off to a team of developers who created the store in their secure e-commerce format. I no longer monitor this website but Feel free to Visit the Online Store if you would like to see a general idea of what I created.

Zero-Leak Gold Responsive HTML Email

I created this HTML Email Campaign that resulted in 97 sessions with 66 new users in the first two weeks. I launched this project to tell Epco's customers that EPCO updated their website and I highlighted all the updates in the email with links to those updates. There are three major sections that the email focuses on. In these three sections there were little links going to direct pages but then there was also big buttons at the end saying check out the whole section. I mentioned this because I did my own experimenting to see if user's read the content and go to specific page or quickly scan the email and click on the major buttons. I did this by using Google Analytics. What I concluded is that more than 50% of users scan and click on big buttons compare to reading everything and going to specific pages.

Mediasect Senior Project

Mediasect is the name I gave to my senior project. The name is suppose to represent the intersection of multiple medias. I remember the name came to me while I was driving to Florida and saw a sign that was talking about intersections (just to show how you can find inspiration anywhere). I said this idea out loud and my friend who was riding with me suggested having the logo look like a bug. So, that is the history of where the name and logo came from.

The project however was an experiment to see what drove users to small local company's websites. The project focused on three ways to get traffic to a website and those three methods were Print Media, SEO, and Social Media. All three methods were tracked using Google Analytics to determine what media brought in the most traffic. By the way this project was proposed before Google started to use your location in it's algorithm to determine what is on the top of your Google Search Page. The project also included a mini blog section that asked people how they found the website and what is their preferred method of searching for local attractions.

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Fort Wayne Astronomical Society Website

Looking back on good times! This was my first website I programmed while learning HTML and CSS. I learned a lot from this little project and I really enjoy astronomy so it is in my portfolio to show you how much more creative I've became since then with my coding and design.

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Cycylepoint Blog Mockup Design

I created the design for this blog when I was an intern at Cirrus ABS. After this design was approved I then created a blog for the client from a wordpress template. It was my first experience working with wordpress and I learned a lot from it so I choose to leave it in my portfolio for that reason. I also really like the name CyclePoint and will like to create a mock company that rents out bikes in Fort Wayne as a side fun project some day.

Modern Architecture Website Mockup Design

This was my very first website that I ever designed and I choose to keep it in my portfolio to show how I progressed since then. This was for a school project and I wasn't required to programmed it so I can only provide a photo for you of a fictitious company's website that I created for this assignment.